Bunnybean’s #CBR4 Review #11: Meet Felicity by Valerie Tripp

Meet Felicity is one of the American Girl books.  It is about a girl named Felicity Merriman who lives in Williamsburg, VA in 1774.   There are a lot of books about Felicity and her friends, and this is the first one that introduces all of her friends and family.

This story is all about Felicity and a horse that she loves that she wishes were hers.

First of all, she tries to save a horse named Penny from a terrible, mean old man named Mr. Nye.  He keeps horses on his farm and is cruel to them, and some of them even die.  The last horse he had died, and Felicity wants to save Penny for herself.  She sneaks around Mr. Nye’s farm and becomes friends with Penny.  She gets in a bit of trouble when Mr. Nye finds her and threatens her.

She and her friend Ben come up with a plan to free Penny from the awful Mr. Nye.  She disguises herself in Ben’s clothes and they quietly go over to Mr. Nye’s farm in the night to free Penny and let her out into the woods.

I really liked this story, the history was interesting to me, and the illustrations told me a lot about the characters.  I live about 2 hours away from Williamsburg and have never been, but would like to go and see where Felicity lived.


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