Joemyjoe’s #CBR4 Review #4: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is about a boy and a tree who are best friends.  When the boy was little, he would play up in the tree, eat the tree’s apples, and swing on its branches.  He loved the tree.

Then the boy grew up he didn’t want to play with the tree anymore.  He wanted to take the apples and sell them for money.  The tree gave the boy all of his apples.

When the boy was a man, he wanted a house.  The tree gave him all of its branches to build a house.

When the man was older, he wanted a boat.  He cut down the tree all the way to a stump.

Then, when the man was really old, all he wanted was a place to sit down. He sat on the stump to rest.  And the boy and his tree were together again.

This was kind of a sad story, but sort of happy at the end.  I liked it alot.  I loved it.


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