Bunnybean’s #CBR5 Review 2: The Long Journey by Barbara Corcoran

My mom told me about this book called The Long Journey, and even gave me her copy from when she was a kid. I got pretty into it and picked it for my book for my reading log at school. It was really exciting.

It is about a girl named Laurie who lives in a tiny mining town in Montana with her grandfather (nobody else lives in the town). Her parents died when she was 3, which was 10 years ago. She and her grandfather are all alone in a cabin with no electricity or phone, and her closest relative is her uncle in Butte, which is all the way on the other side of Montana. Her grandfather is going blind, and he sends Laurie to go and ask Uncle Arthur for help.

Laurie has to go on her horse, not even on a bus or anything! Laurie doesn’t really go to school (she takes classes by correspondence), and her grandfather doesn’t want her to be noticed by any authorities.

My favorite part was when Laurie meets a nice lady named Miss Emily. She stays with Miss Emily for a few days when she gets caught in a storm. She has a cute cottage, and even has peacocks!

I also liked the end, because the story is wrapped up nicely. Laurie meets her new aunt, stays at her uncle’s beautiful house, makes sure her grandfather gets the care that he needs to get better, and she gets to take him home again, and still visit in Butte for vacations and holidays.

Laurie was brave and adventurous (she even got shot, and one time she saved a little girl!) and never complained so that she could help out her grandfather who she loved very much. You should read it sometime!

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