Scootsa1000’s #CBR5 Review 17: Prodigy by Marie Lu

Unknown-1Why do I keep reading these YA trilogies? I always know going in to them that I’m going to be disappointed, and that the first book will always be the best. I feel like these authors are being forced by publishers to take good stories and split them into three, even if the story isn’t strong enough, or long enough, to do so. Curse you, Twilight!

Prodigy, book #2 of the “Legend trilogy”, definitely suffers from trilogy-itis. While there are some strong bits and interesting plot points, overall the story suffers from being stretched out into an entire book. I read Legend last year, and thought much the same. Marie Lu has some talent, for sure. Her narrative is rarely boring, and she succeeds where many others who attempt to tell the story from alternating points of view — her characters actually have different voices and have different things to say.

This book takes place pretty much immediately after the end of Legend. June and Day are on the run from the Republic, heading to get help from The Patriots, who may be able to find Day’s brother. They get caught up in an assassination attempt on the new Elector (who is, of course, young and handsome), and June and Day discover that not everything they have been led to believe is the truth. Surprise.

For once, I’d like to read a trilogy that doesn’t have a forced love triangle, or quadrilateral, or any shape at all. Day loves June. June loves Day. Anden really likes June. And Tess loves Day. And Kaede seems to like someone, but we never really find out about that, thankfully. So much time is spent being jealous and whining about who likes who, I really wanted to whip out my red editing pen and mark the hell out of this whole plot. We could have saved 100 pages that way.

(Also, I could have easily taken out another 50 pages of June’s weird OCD descriptions of stuff. How she counts seconds and measures rooms and all of those creepy details. Was she such a type A in the first book? I can’t remember.)

I didn’t hate the book and am not walking away as annoyed as when I finished Requiem. But still.

I wish it had been better. I just feel like there was a bit more potential from the first book and am slightly bummed out that it was so very generic.

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