Joemyjoe’s #CBR5 Review 2: Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Unknown-1In this book, there is a boy named Greg Heffley, and he goes to middle school. He does not like it. He has a best friend named Rowley Jefferson. He has two brothers that he doesn’t get along with, named Manny and Rodrick.

There’s a kid in down the street named Fregley, and Greg is really creeped out by him.

The book tells all about Greg’s life at home and at school. At home he likes to play video games. At school, he has to be a tree in the class play of The Wizard of Oz. He ends up throwing apples at the girl who was Dorothy, and he gets grounded for two weeks.

At the school basketball court there is a  really moldy piece of cheese and if you touch it, the other kids say you get the cheese touch (kind of like cooties — you have to pass it along to someone else).  And Greg is afraid of getting it.

At the end, some teenagers come and make Rowley eat the cheese. Greg lied to them that he was allergic to dairy, and so they didn’t make him eat it, too. Greg ended up picking up the cheese and putting it in the garbage.

I really liked how this book was written — it told a story like a cross between a regular book and a comic book. There were lots of illustrations that helped to  move the story along.

There are lots of these books, and I’m trying to read them all this summer.

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