Scootsa1000’s #CBR6 Review 2: Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

Unknown-3At this point, honestly, I can’t imagine that I need to tell you what these books are about. This is the 20th in the series. If you haven’t read one of them by now, I doubt you ever will.

Not much new happens here. Stephanie eats, Stephanie has to get a new car (bullet holes to the old one!), Stephanie can’t decide between Joe and Ranger, Stephanie and Lula somehow capture bad guys, Stephanie takes her grandma to viewings at the funeral home.

There were the usual A, B, and C plots. In the A plot, a serial killer is working the city of Trenton, targeting old ladies who play Bingo. Ranger brings in Stephanie, who brings in Grandma and Lula for the usual hijinx. In the B, Stephanie has a bunch of skips that she has to track down, including Joe’s godfather Sunny. When Stephanie goes after him, Joe’s grandmother gives her a series of curses and hexes and evil eyes, leading Stephanie to quit her job as a bounty hunter and try out life as a butcher (spoiler alert: she isn’t very good at it). And in the entertaining C plot, we had a stray giraffe loose on the streets of Trenton. Lula names him Kevin.

The only things that happened that were slightly different or new were:

Ranger goes to a bar with Stephanie and eats onion rings. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him eat a single carb in 20 books, and here he decides to go and eat onion rings (and cheese fries, I think). Stephanie was surprised at his behavior, but really, I think I was more surprised. I kept waiting for an explanation for this crazy decision, but never got one.

Lula wants to buy a fancy purse that costs $10,000. So of course, she decides to go back to being a ‘ho. What really bugged me about this plot was simply that neither Stephanie nor Connie batted an eye at this. They didn’t try to stop her or even question her decision. As I remember, Lula’s life as a ho wasn’t so great. Of course, the point is a moot one, as Lula didn’t earn a single dime. But it bugged me.

I’ll keep reading these books for as long as Evanovich wants to write them. But I think its time for Stephanie to grow up a bit and figure out her future. She wants to settle down, so she should. No need to be buried in concrete in hidden basements or thrown off of bridges any longer. But even if she does decide to have a family and stay out of the bounty hunting business, I hope Ranger keeps his tracking device on her. God knows she needs it.



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