Bunnybean’s #CBR6 Review 1: Wonder by RJ Palacio

Unknown-1I got this book for Christmas (my mom read it last year and recommended it to me). I really liked it.

Its about a boy named August (his family calls him Auggie) who has facial abnormalities. We don’t ever know exactly what’s wrong with him, but the book gives us a lot of clues when describing his eyes, ears, and mouth. Other kids are sometimes afraid of him and usually not very nice to him.

At the beginning, his mother tells him that he’ll be starting middle school (5th grade) at a new school, and he’s never been to school before. He meets a few kids who aren’t too bad — Summer and Jack seem like they could be good friends — but he also meets Julian, who is a real bully.

Auggie’s favorite holiday is Halloween, because he gets to put a mask on and spend the day like a regular kid. But this year, his Halloween is ruined when he overhears Jack making fun of him with Julian. (It turns out to be a big misunderstanding, but Auggie feels really depressed).

The book is told from the voice of all different characters — not just Auggie, but Jack, Summer, and Auggie’s sister and her friends, too. They don’t have a lot in common, but they all care about Auggie and they all notice that he’s special on the inside. He’s a great kid: funny, smart, and caring, and he’s always willing to stand up for his friends and for what’s right.

Almost everyone in the story ends up realizing that there’s more to Auggie than how he looks. Even some of the kids who were mean to him at the beginning become his friends and his defenders.

There are some really sad parts (characters die who are important to Auggie), and some of the bullying — from both the kids AND their parents — was hard to read. But overall, the book made me happy.

The book really teaches us all that you should be nice to everyone, no matter how they look on the outside. We’re all the same on the inside, and that’s whats important.

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