Joemyjoe’s #CBR6 Review 1: The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

WestingGame6Last week, we drove to New York and we listened to the CD of The Westing Game in the car.

The Westing Game is about 16 people who are brought together because they are all mentioned as heirs in a very rich businessman’s (Samuel Westing) will. And they can only inherit his fortune of $200,000,000 if they can solve the mystery of his murder.

The heirs are paired together and given a set of clues and $10,000 to help them solve the mystery. The clues were pretty tough and didn’t make a lot of sense at first, as we see more information, it becomes a little bit easier to figure out.

The book is really exciting. We don’t know who the murderer is or who will solve the mystery until the very end. There is a lot of action: bombs go off, people are poisoned, and some people even die. Some characters lie, not many are telling the truth, so there are a lot of twists and turns in the story. At different parts of the story, I thought different people had murdered Mr. Westing, and I kept changing my mind.

My favorite character was Otis, the delivery boy. Or was he really a delivery boy????????

I loved this book, everybody should read it. It is a good mystery.

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