In which I think I miss out by not being the target audience. CBR7 Review 3.

Unknown-2My YA-themed book club has been picking mostly winners lately. But every now and then, we hit a bump in the road and the book turns out to be one that we generally don’t care for (Plain Kate, Anna Dressed in Blood). I’m going to go ahead and put this in the “miss” pile, but not because it was bad, but more because it just wasn’t my thing.

From what I understand, Rachel Hawkins is a terribly popular writer of various YA series (Hex Hall?), mostly with a bit of a supernatural bent. And I wish her well. But I won’t be reading any more of her stuff.

Rebel Belle is about Southern beauty Harper. Harper is everything a high school girl dreams of being. President of student council. Homecoming Queen. Head cheerleader. Her boyfriend is the most gorgeous athlete at school.

But Harper also has some other things going on. Her sister died in a drunk driving accident a few years ago, at her Cotillion (a coming out party? I’m from New England. I don’t know.). And now Harper’s Cotillion is approaching, and she’s both excited AND dreading it.

OH, and also? Harper has just been given super-ninja-magical-fighting powers.


It turns out that there is a student at her school who is actually an Oracle and needs protection at all times from ancient sects that want him dead. AND OF COURSE, that student just so happens to be Harper’s nemesis. A nerdy dude named David who has had it out for Harper since the 3rd grade.

Toss in a bunch of historical references to Charlamagne, some sort of fun training sequences, lots of southern small town observations, and the dreaded love triangle, and there’s your book.

Again, not bad. Harper seemed like a good girl with her head on her shoulders. I wouldn’t have a problem with my daughter reading this series. But they were really on the Y side of YA, and just not interesting enough for me. I guess there is a sequel coming out soon, but sadly, it will have to come out without me.

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