I want a lying cat for my birthday. Thanks. CBR7 Review 13.

UnknownVolume 3 of Saga was kind of a let-down for me, but only because I didn’t have Volume 4 right in front of me to read immediately. And now I’m mad that I don’t know what happens next because there’s a wait for it at the library and COME ON. WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS, OTHER LIBRARY PATRONS?

Volume 3 of this amazing graphic novel starts off by introducing us to a couple of new characters — two investigative (tabloid?) journalists who want to break the big story about Marko and Alana’s illicit love affair and the child they are on the run with. This is an unbelievable story that could give these guys the big break they’ve been waiting their whole career for. While they travel around, talking to people with ties to the couple (Alana’s step-mother, other soldiers from her platoon, robot soldiers, etc.), they start to raise eyebrows for asking too many of the right questions. Needless to say, these two are left with quite a conundrum — literally, that if they publish their findings, they die. I really can’t wait to see what happens with these guys. They know that a story isn’t worth dying for, but I don’t think they plan to go down easily.

But enough about the new characters…What about everyone else?

For Marko and Alana, they are still trying to find a safe place for their family, or whatever is left of it. They wonder how they can provide for little Hazel while on the run, considering all available options, including some ridiculous sort of reality TV. Their love and strength as a couple continues to grow, and is tested beyond belief when they have to face bad-ass Gwendolyn.

Gwen is still after them, with The Will, and young Sophie in tow. Gwen never loses sight of her task — to catch up with Marko. But The Will isn’t as eager to keep after them. When they spend time on a lovely, green planet, he thinks they could make a life for themselves there. He has feelings for Gwen, and wants to protect Sophie. And as much as I like The Will, I have to keep reminding myself that he isn’t actually a very good guy, and that a happy ending probably isn’t in his future.

My favorites remain Lying Cat and ghost Izabel. These two, while on opposing “teams”, are fiercely loyal to their friends. Izabel’s scenes with Marko’s mother were somewhat heartbreaking, as the two opposites slowly became friends. Izabel’s devotion to Klara after the horrible battle at the lighthouse really showed what an asset she was to Hazel and her family.

And yes, other stuff happens. Stuff with Prince Robot, the Freelancers, and Mister Heist. Things with flying sharks and little seals dressed up like boys. Alligator maids and fox mechanics. And it’s all fascinating. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a graphic novel fan, do yourself a favor and give Saga a go. Its so unlike anything I’ve read before.

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