Vinnie Van Lowe, where art thou? CBR7 Review 17.

Unknown-2I am a marshmallow and I’m not afraid to admit it. I own all three seasons of Veronica Mars on DVD. I gave money to the Kickstarter and have my t-shirt and movie script. I watched the Dick Casablancas web series. And I love this new book series by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. I love having some of my all-time favorite characters back in book format, bringing me quips and feels galore.

Veronica and the gang are back, just a few months after the events of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. This time around, Veronica is hired once again by the Neptune Grand. There was a brutal attack on a young woman, last seen at the hotel, and the hotel wants to clear its name for insurance purposes.

And of course, it turns out that Veronica knows there victim. And that there is way more to this case than meets the eye.

Along with Mac, Wallace, and Leo, Veronica works to clear the name of the victim and put the vicious attacker behind bars. I loved seeing the gang get back together, and reading about how their relationships both have and haven’t changed over the past 10 years.

We also get many glimpses into the current activities of Keith, Weevil, and Cliff (yay, Cliff!), who are currently involved in a law suit agains Sheriff Lamb and the entire police department. There’s no better pop culture father/daughter relationship out there than what we get with Keith and Veronica.

And lastly, we get to see whats going on between Veronica and Logan in a bit more detail. Logan is home on extended leave, but anxious to get back to action with the Navy. Veronica struggles to understand just why Logan needs the Navy in his life, even when he knows there’s a good chance that every time he leaves might be the last time. This subplot was the only one that didn’t work 100% for me. I didn’t really love the way that Veronica handled (or didn’t handle) their disagreements, choosing to ignore them instead of deal with them, even though I realize that her actions were actually quite realistic. I get  why Logan NEEDS the Navy, I just wish he could get Veronica to understand.

I want Rob and Jennifer to keep writing these books forever. I could be 85 years old, and would still go out and buy the new Veronica Mars book. I just hope the next one has Vinnie Van Lowe in it. I need to know what he’s doing, who he’s married to, and if his mom still works for him.

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