The saga of Saga. CBR7 Review 22.

imagesI know I’m preaching to the choir when I tell my fellow Cannonballers how great Saga is, how awesome the first four volumes were, and how tortuous its going to be to wait for volume 5. I’m going to keep this short, because I’m guessing a lot of you have already read these, and those that haven’t at least have it on their radar.

Picking up some time after then end of Volume 3, we find our main characters assimilating to a somewhat normal life. Marko and Alana are raising a now toddler Hazel, and facing problems that all families face. Marko is a stay at home dad, feeling somewhat emasculated that his wife is out earning the money, while he spends his days at the park, hiding his true identity as a wanted man, When another mom gets close to him, he finds himself drawn to her, and becomes increasingly distant from Alana. Meanwhile, Alana is struggling with her work and it’s toll on her personal life, and turns to drugs to ease the pain. Just another day in suburban space.

We also get to spend time with the creepy Robot family, Gwen and Sophie, Lying Cat, various freelancers, and the tabloid reporters.

Prince Robot is trying to get home, back to what’s left of his family. His wife (and the bulk of his staff) has been brutally murdered, and the child he didn’t even know existed has been kidnapped. In the end, he strangely finds himself allied with Marko — both find themselves alone, trying desperately to find their families. I can’t wait to find out what these two are going to get up to in volume 5.

What else can I say? The story is brilliantly effective, and the art is both crazy and beautiful.


And yes, I’m still obsessing about the robot family and their heads. So many questions.

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