“Rebecca, not everything from a Monty Python movie is real…There is no Camelot nor a Holy Grail. Although the bit with the killer rabbit is true.” CBR7 review 37.

UnknownI am a big fan of the Fug Girls. While not a very fashion-forward person myself, their commentary keeps bringing me back to their site, day after day. I love their TV recaps (of course, they honed their skills at the dearly departed TWOP), and find myself watching shows I normally wouldn’t — hello, Nashville and Hart of Dixie — just so I can follow along with them.

I read, and thoroughly enjoyed their two YA novels, Spoiled and Messy, and was totally excited to find out that they had written their first adult novel, and that it was about a fictional Kate Middleton, to boot. Royal fan fiction? Pretty much irresistible to me.

I had to wait a bit for my library to actually order it, but my god, it was worth the wait. I’m not alone in the Cannonball community in saying that this is a perfect summer read. Bring it to the beach or the pool. Sit out on a patio with a cold drink. Hide out in the air conditioning. There is no wrong way to enjoy this book this summer.

Bex Porter arrives for her study abroad year at Oxford from Cornell. Her deepest wish is to spend the year painting and drawing the local architecture. Until she finds that one of the cute guys living on her hall just so happens to be the very handsome, extremely eligible, third-in-line for the throne, Nick.

American girl meets British boy, finds out his real identity, drinks an obscene amount of alcohol, watches horrible reality TV, and falls in love. I can only hope this is how Kate wooed William, with keg stands and junk food.

After years of sneaking around as his secret girlfriend, Bex and Nick decide to go public, but Bex has really no idea what that means. We then get a delightful insight into what it might be like to be Kate or Pippa Middleton, Prince William, or Prince Harry; how the paparazzi can completely get out of hand; and how being royalty is more than being part of a family — it’s also a job and a brand.

Also, this book is hilarious. And sometimes, heartbreakingly sad. I laughed out loud, but I think I might have gotten a bit choked up more than I laughed. But I’d still categorize it as being a funny book, albeit one with some very emotional family subplots.

I was pretty fascinated by all of it. The sheer amount of research that these two ladies must have done (although, I do believe one of them is British) is amazing. I adore these two and hope they continue to write for many years to come.

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