Jumping on the bandwagon here. CBR8 review 44.

unknown-4Can I just write that I agree with everyone else, and that this is the new Act Like It?

Or do I need to say more?

How about, if you like (or think you might like) Contemporary Romance, that picking this one up is a no-brainer? This book is witty, filled with delicious and snarky conversation, admirably romantic, and just the right amount of steamy.

I mean, jeez. This book makes a night spent sitting on a couch and holding hands while watching ER and eating ice cream seem like a perfect date, and made me jealous that I wasn’t sitting on a couch and holding hands while watching ER and eating ice cream.

Lucy and Joshua work alongside each other (not really together) at their publishing company, and DO NOT get along. In fact, Lucy pretty much hates Josh more than anyone she’s ever met. And even though I knew from the opening pages where this book was going to go, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the ride.

I loved watching Lucy slowly transition from hating Joshua, to wondering about Joshua, to really looking at Joshua and seeing him, to lusting after him, to loving him.

And I loved getting to know Joshua and realizing that all is not as it seems.

I mean, that scene in the elevator? Good god.

This one has been reviewed a lot lately, and for good reason. Its just really good. Its well written, its fun, and its filled with emotion.

Was everything great? No. Of course not. Sometimes I felt like there had been some weird editing, and that some minute plot point we didn’t really care about was suddenly a big deal. Also, it bothered me a lot that Lucy never went home to visit her family. I just didn’t see that she ever had a valid reason. And to be honest, I got kind of skeeved out by the INCESSANT reminders that Lucy is teeny tiny and Joshua is enormous and huge.

But those are minor quibbles.

I read this entire book on a cross-country flight, and was ALMOST sorry that the flight had to end and I had to turn the Kindle off. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Thanks, fellow Cannonballers, for bringing this one to my attention.


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