What the world needs now is the Super Happy Magic Forest. CBR8 Review 53.

unknownAfter a crazy week, there’s nothing like an amazingly clever and funny children’s book to put a smile on your face.

My seven year old brought this one home from the library yesterday, and its a new favorite.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

“Everyone lives in the Super Happy Magic Forest where everything is great.


There are some warriors who were sent to find the missing Magic Crystals of Life that were stolen. They went on a big quest through DANGER.



First, they went to the icy regions and battled penguin warriors.


Next, they went through the creepiest and worst forest of evil.


Then they went through a dungeon that had a cupcake trap!


Then they stopped for a picnic and were attacked by bees.

It was the worst journey but they kept going. They had to do rock climbing, go in caves, cross deserts, and then they got a handy eagle ride.


Finally, they arrived at the evil goblin tower, where the great king of goblins welcomed them to a tea party. So, where were the magic crystals?

Then Dennis the Butterfly finds the warriors to tell them that the evil has been at home all along, before he bravely dies.


The warriors arrive back home to find that the old oak tree was evil and was hoarding the crystals so that he could buy a speedboat.

The warriors sent the old oak to the creepy forest and then they partied and were happy.”


Who should read this book? Kids. People with kids. People who know kids. People who have heard of kids. Anyone. Everyone. I guess there’s a sequel about a slug, so I know what I’ll be looking for at the library next week.



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