If you like sociopaths and unreliable narrators, then have I got a book for you! CBR10 Review 11.

Unknown-4Amber wants nothing more than to live the way she thinks she deserves. She wants it all — wealth and jewels and real estate, with a rich handsome husband on her arm. In her mind, this dream life is owed to her, because her early life was one of poverty and despair. So just let her have this, ok?

And it doesn’t matter if the house she wants has people living in it. Or if the man she wants is married to someone else. She wants it so she deserves it so don’t worry about the details.

Amber moves from rural Nebraska to a wealthy Connecticut (think Greenwich, but MORE) town on the Long Island Sound, and she sets her plan in action. She’s found the biggest house and the richest, most handsome man. Her goal is to become the next Mrs. Jackson Parrish, and the first step in her horrific plan is to befriend and get rid of the current Mrs. Jackson Parrish.

I read this for my PTA moms book club and I can’t decide if it was fun or scary. The main characters have no redeeming traits and act in increasingly insane ways as the book goes on. One ridiculous act after another, these idiots really outdo each other. Everything is awful.

And of course, I couldn’t put this down. The writing is compelling…mostly in a DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT? way. Reading this was like taking all of the craziest parts of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and all novels by Dominick Dunne and every single Tori Spelling movie and jamming them all together to create the ultimate Lifetime Movie Frankenstein’s Monster.

The ridiculous wealth and the abhorrent behaviors were really almost too much. But once I had an idea about what was going on, I had to read until the end. Mostly because there were children involved. I needed to see what happened to the kids.

Would I recommend this a piece of literature? No. But do you need a book to read while waiting in the doctor’s office or on a plane? Then sure! Highly recommend! Its crazy and unputdownable. (NB: I love that my spell check now accepts that as an actual word.)

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