Yes, she can be a little “extra.” But the food is delicious. CBR10 Review 33.

Unknown-4I think at this point, most of humanity is familiar with Chrissy Teigen. I follow her on Twitter and Instagram. I enjoy her comment round-ups on Comments by Celebrities. I love her obsession with Walter(Owen’s Grandp), who may or may not be real. Her kids are adorable and her mothering is relatable. Her husband seems cool and pretty normal for a massive celebrity. And like a lot of others, SOMETIMES I CANNOT GET THE RIDICULOUS HEADBAND OF THE DAY SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

Sure, she can be annoying with her no-holds-barred tweeting. But I find her amusing.

I also love to see the pictures of what she is eating and cooking. She has a crazy palate — sometimes she is making a super-fancy fish dinner, and sometimes it looks like she’s trying to create the ultimate hangover food. I have no idea. But I’m into it.

And Cravings is pretty much exactly what I expected and exactly what I wanted. Her recipes range from challenging (where am I supposed to get some of these Thai ingredients???) to so basic I wondered if she was joking (hello, Ramen Dump Salad). Each recipe has a little blurb included, explaining why the recipe is included and how she tested it. Yes, her blurbs are very Chrissy. If you aren’t pro-Chrissy, this book isn’t going to change your opinion.

Look, I’m not a chef, or even much of a cook. Luckily, my husband is, so my children don’t suffer. I can handle basic cooking, but complex recipes stress me out. I’m happy to report that so far, I’ve made three of these recipes, and all were easy and tasted delicious.

I made the Dump and Done Ramen Salad. Actually, I’ve already made it at least 5 times. It couldn’t be easier and is a great side dish for literally any casual meal. I don’t know how I lived without this salad in my life.

I also tried the Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice. I loved it. I could have eaten the whole pot. And I almost did, since my kids didn’t like it and my husband was on South Beach at the time. I’ll try it again when he’s back to loving carbs.

The crowd pleaser that I tried was the Yellow Cake Baked Oatmeal. Fruit, a boxed cake mix, and oatmeal. It was idiot proof and SO. GOOD. Look at it. Bow down to it. Thank me later.


I plan on trying more recipes from this book soon (when all of this Back to School nonsense finally dies down), and will definitely be picking up Chrissy’s second book when it comes out in a few weeks.


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