Harry Dresden and the Dark Hallow: Yes, there are wizards, but this ain’t Hogwarts. CBR11 Review 9.

Unknown-1I’m still slowly making my way through these Harry Dresden books, all read to me by the fantastic James Marsters. And, as many cannonballers before me have stated, I’m enjoying each book slightly more than the one that came before it. I’m now fully invested into Harry’s world, and I can’t wait to start the next one.

In this one, Harry and Butters (the polka enthusiast-medical examiner), are on the run from a group of necromancers who have descended upon Chicago, all looking for something called “The Word of Kemmler.”

Harry has been blackmailed by Mavra, the vampire queen from previous books, to find this “word,” or else Mavra will hurt Murphy. But who else is looking for it? A new bunch of big bads, that’s for sure.

It turns out that Kemmler was the most powerful necromancer that the wizarding world has ever seen. And his disciples want to use his teachings, along with this mysterious “word” to turn themselves into gods, to wreak havoc upon the earth and all of its inhabitants.

With Murphy out of town, Harry and Butters (with help from Thomas) fight against zombies and necromancers, while Harry also finds himself suddenly a part of the white council, when he is recruited as a warden in the continuing war against the vampires.

Lots going on, including a romp through town on the back of Sue, Chicago’s famous T-Rex skeleton and a side plot with a thwarted romance for Harry, when the girl he falls for turns out to be the fallen angel (demon? I don’t even know!) Lasciel. I felt bad for Harry and the lonely life he lives.

I just downloaded the next audiobook, Proven Guilty, and hope to get to it soon. I’m having a good time with these.

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