Thank you, next. CBR11 Review 15.

Unknown-1I always keep a running list on my phone of authors and book titles that other Cannonballers have loved, just in case I find myself at a library or a book sale and have some free time on my hands. I recently picked up two books by Christina Lauren, My Favorite Half-Night Stand, and Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. I enjoyed both – they were cute and fun and enjoyable.

So I figured this book would be more of the same.

But. Ugh.

I really, really disliked this one.

A quick and annoying overview:
Present day Macy is a pediatric resident at a hospital somewhere in San Francisco, not far from the house where she grew up. She’s engaged to Sean, but doesn’t seem all that interested in planning a wedding or being his wife. She just likes things to be easy, and her relationship with Sean is easy enough.

Flashback to the past!

Teenage Macy and her dad (her mom died a few years ago) buy a vacation house somewhere in wine country and Macy meets Elliott, her new neighbor. They quickly become BFFs. They both love reading and spend all of their time in Macy’s closet-library. Over the next few years, they become inseparable and they fall in love.


Present day Macy runs into Elliott in a coffee shop and freaks out. She hasn’t seen him since THAT NIGHT eleven years ago and doesn’t know what to do. Her friend can’t believe its ELLIOTT. He’s handsome and grown up and when they finally talk to each other its like they are teenagers again. Elliott immediately breaks up with his girlfriend and Macy considers breaking her engagement. Because Elliott is just that special and their love is unique and whatever.

The chapters jump from the present to the past, working up to what exactly happened that caused them to go their separate ways and how present day Macy and Elliott will deal with the fallout.

Reader, I was infuriated by this plot.

Sure, I get that Macy and Elliott were in love. But I don’t accept any of the nonsense about either of them not being able to live their lives like human beings for 11 freaking years without the other. And I can’t believe that everyone around them was all OOOH, THIS IS YOUR FAMOUS HIGH SCHOOL LOVE HOW EXCITING OF COURSE YOU NEED TO BREAK OFF YOUR ENGAGEMENT AND RUN OFF WITH HIM. These two people are both so dysfunctional and everyone around them pretty much thinks its cute. Every single person in their lives knows their amazing story.

Honest question: wouldn’t you think it was weird if two semi-successful people you knew, who were both almost 30, couldn’t get past their first high school love? For Macy, I almost get that her problems were wrapped up in guilt and grief, but the rest was just weird and creepy.

I hated that Elliott immediately broke up with his long-term girlfriend as soon as he saw Macy. That was awfully presumptuous of him.

I hated the ending with the fire of 1,000 suns. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen ON THAT NIGHT but the truth was so weird and annoying that it all just pissed me off. I have so many questions. Wouldn’t the neighbors have been aware of a massive tragedy taking place in their teeny tiny small town? AAARGH.

And the least plausible thing – out of many implausible plot points – was that (SPOILER) after Macy and Elliott decide to be in love and move in together, they just randomly find an affordable apartment IN THE WORST RENTAL CITY IN THE COUNTRY. No problem!

Oh, Christina Lauren, I know you can be fun and entertaining. Just not this time. Thank you, next.







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