Huzzah! CBR11 Review 42.

downloadA few weeks back, I saw the good folks over at One More Page Books showcasing this book on their social media. It looked really cute, so I popped over on my way home from work and bought it.

Reader, it was an absolute fricking delight.

I have never been to a Renaissance Faire in my entire life. I still don’t ever plan to go to one. But my ignorance and inability to personally relate to the theme of this book in no way deterred from my enjoyment of it.

Emily (who was beyond relatable) moves to a small town in the middle of podunk, Maryland, to help her sister after a terrible car accident leave her unable to work or drive. Emily, who is much younger than her sister and not all that close to her, jumps at the chance to be useful to her sister and her niece for the summer. It seems that Emily has just been dumped by her long-term jackass of a boyfriend, and now has no where to live and nothing to show for the past 7 years of her life. Driving her niece around and helping manage doctors appointments sounds pretty good.

Caitlin (the niece) signs up to work (volunteer? I don’t quite know) at the local Ren Faire…a small fair compared to the huge one on the other side of Maryland, but big enough to somehow be a big fundraiser for the high school. When you sign up you have to promise you’ll be available for weeks and weeks of rehearsals, all of the weekends of the fair, and that you must have an adult sign up with you. (DON’T QUESTION IT JUST GO WITH IT. The PTA event coordinator in me was CRINGING at this.). I guess nobody in this town needs a summer job? ANYHOO.

Emily gets roped into signing up with Caitlin. She makes new friends, she practices being a tavern wench, and she meets Simon. Simon is an English teacher during the year, and the Faire is his baby. He took it over from his older brother, who had started it up from nothing years ago. Simon is all seriousness, glares, and disapproving scowls. Emily is not all that pleased to meet him. But her new tavern wench persona, Emma, is most definitely pleased to meet Simon’s alter ego, a dashing and flirtatious pirate captain.

Because you have all read books before, I don’t really need to tell you the rest of the plot. Just know that its fun and cute and I liked it a lot.

What I do need to tell you is that Emily and Simon are both complicated and realistic adults. Emily is filled with self-doubt and definitely lacking confidence and self-worth after the treatment she received from her ex. Simon lives in his brother’s shadow and has never felt that any of his ideas matter or that he has anything to offer. They make mistakes, and they are human.

No, I didn’t really buy the BIG FINISH. But I don’t care. I loved it all anyway. Huzzah!

Jen DeLuca’s birthday is September 14. #birthday #cbr11bingo




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